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WPS Hide Login – Custom Login URL With Ease

WPS Hide Login – Custom Login URL With Ease

WPS Hide Login - Custom Login URL With Ease

Security is an important task in the process of building and developing websites. Enhance security for the website is never redundant when there are so many hackers are looking for ways to attack your website. One of the simple and effective method for WordPress website that is changing the default login URL. If only you use the website to login, this is the effective method you should take to enhance the security of your website.

We all know the default URL of the login page is domain.com/wp-login.php. Attackers can use this URL to try logging in the website. If you change this URL, though they guessed the admin account, the attackers are still very difficult to be able to log in your website. To change the login url, you can use a plugin “WPS Hide Login” – which easily found in the WordPress plugin library.

WPS Hide Login – Custom Login URL With Ease

To start using this plugin, first, go to Plugins ⟹ Add New, then search for “WPS Hide Login”. It should be one of plugins returned. Find it and click Install Now ⟹ active the plugin.

WPS Hide Login - Custom Login URL With Ease

As soon as the plugin is active, it will block access to the wp-admin.php and wp-login.php. And the new login url will be changed to yourdomain.com/login. Remember this new url in case you get logged out.

In the next step, you go to Settings ⟹ General, scroll to WPS Hide Login section. In the blank text box, change the login url to anything you like. Click Save Changes to save.

WPS Hide Login - Custom Login URL With Ease

Now, if you attempt to access the default login url, your access will be denied and a message shows “This has been disabled”. From now, you will login to your dashboard by the new login URL.

your new login URL can cause problems if you’re using a caching plugin. To solve this problem, you have to add the slug of new login url to the list of the pages not to cache. If your caching plugin is WP Rocket, it isn’t necessary to do that, because two plugins are already fully compatible.

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