Introduction About The WordPress Theme Framework


What is WordPress Theme Framework?

Wordpress Theme Framework

Concept WordPress Themes for sure know, simple easy to understand, it is a component interface of WordPress. As for the Framework Themes that we can understand it is a frame or a library available includes many features to form the theme.
Basically, the Theme Framework has been optimized and set up a framework so we design fast and more convenient. And if you are a beginner design theme for WordPress, you should use the theme framework without rewriting the loop, function in WordPress to design, we just work with HTML and CSS to customize color colors, layout themes.

The benefits of using the Theme Framework

  • Save time when design theme for WordPress. No need to go through the steps to create components such as single.php theme, header.php, sidebar.php and write the loop.
  • The HTML tags and CSS are written as standard W3C design.
  • Learn how to design a theme for WordPress as quickly as possible.
  • Easily customized into a variety of different themes depending on the ability to use CSS, HTML and the related components build up a theme, based on the flexibility of the class makes it easy to customize the attributes.
  • Integrated SEO.

Similar to a common theme, theme framework has paid and free type and quality could be better in the customization and the theme library. For example, Thesis Framework is premium framework, and it supports a lot of themes and easy customization. However, not the theme framework free nothing special, it still has all the features and advantages of a basic theme framework and you can use it to design a great theme depending on your ability. So in this article, I will just mention the free theme framework.

Customizing theme framework and create a child theme

Wordpress Child Theme

What is child theme?

Understanding child simply a theme for a certain framework. It inherits all the features and functionality of the theme framework and you can improve it more.

How to create a child theme

Actually it is not difficult to create a child theme . So, to create a child theme, you first need to upload a theme framework to wp-content / themes. And its child theme will inherit all the properties that it owns like widget, shortcode, template, .. etc …
After you upload a theme framework folder. The next thing to do is to create another folder for child theme in the wp-content / themes (in line with the other themes) then created a styles.css file contains some of the information required in the theme, for example as follows:

Theme Name: Demo Child Theme
Theme URI:
Description: Child theme
Author: Hippo Review
Author URI:
Template: frameworkname
Version: 1.0
Tags: child theme

If you ever discover the file style.css of the theme WordPress will understand the above information. However, the declaration is different from the information other themes, you will see the declaration on additional lines appear Template: frameworkname to declare the framework folder name
So you’ve got a child theme carries a full range of features of the framework, and you can start to activate to use it. However it also what framework the original theme because you haven’t added some CSS properties for it. You can add the CSS properties for child theme by editing style.css file above.

Customized child theme with Action and Filter

Action and Filter are the two main features so you can customize the look of the child theme easily, it also helps you a lot in making the plugin.

The Conclusion

Theme Framework brings so many advantages and convenience in designing a theme for your own. However in order to exploit the maximum strength that requires you to unsderstand some knowledge about the loop and the function of WordPress, to understand the concept of working out themes and of course will always include a little knowledge of PHP and CSS.
So when you start to become familiar with the theme framework, don’t rush to learn advanced customizations using the hook that should only focus on the section Customize the color theme and layout based on CSS and HTML, then carefully read the introduction and manual loops, hooks in the framework theme to be able to capture some of its available loop.

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