22 Best Free WordPress Theme July 2016


Best Free WordPress Theme July 2016

Due to the number of theme too much to update, so I will only update the most beautiful theme launched in the last 2 months and some new themes that I think are useful for you.

#1. Beans Framework |DOWNLOAD|

Best Free WordPress Theme July 2016

This is my new favorite theme framework by the convenience, flexibility and ease of use of it. Beans Framework support SEO very well based on the structure pretty standard SEO and extremely lightweight, next it also built-in cache mechanisms for file assets (images, CSS, JS) in the theme so it will help the website load a lot faster.

Hope the next time I will have the tutorial for this framework.


Kalon WordPress Theme


Edge themefreesia Theme

At first glance it may look like a portfolio theme or gallery, but it is exactly the format of blog. Below will display the beautiful grid posts.

#4. Travel Diaries |DEMO|DOWNLOAD|

Travel Diaries WordPress Theme

This theme is designed for travel blog, there will be plenty of locations to display photos, so if you need to build a blog that wants to display multiple photos, the Travel Diaries is a consistent theme.

#5. Smartr Lite |DEMO|DOWNLOAD|

Smartr WordPress Theme

#6. Alpha Store |DEMO|DOWNLOAD|

Alpha Store WordPress Theme

Alpha Store is a free theme for WooCommerce to build the sales page is pretty nice, although it does not have the full feature but it is too great for a free theme.

#7. Forest |DEMO|DOWNLOAD|

Forest WordPress Theme

This is a free sales theme is compatible with WooCommerce, suitable for selling fashion items because it does not display the product’s name until your mouse hovers over it. The appropriate choice for you who need a simple sales theme but still good-looking.

#8. Grown Line Lite |DEMO|DOWNLOAD|

Grown Line WordPress Theme

#9. Viralblog Lite |DEMO|DOWNLOAD|

Viralblog WordPress Theme

The demo is Viralblog Pro version, so I don’t know the differences of the Lite and Pro version but this is one blog/news theme quite simply beautiful.

#10. ViralFree |DOWNLOAD|

ViralFree WordPress Theme

#11. Speedy |DEMO|DOWNLOAD|

Speedy WordPress Theme

#12. Super News |DEMO|DOWNLOAD|

Super News

#13. Kakina |DEMO|DOWNLOAD|


A great free sales theme for Woocommerce



This theme is suitable for groups of start-ups, this theme have 4 different demo samples so you can use it on many different purposes.

#15. Pashmina |DEMO|DOWNLOAD|


#16. Ascent |DEMO|DOWNLOAD|


This theme integrates the plugin Easy Digital Downloads used to sell digital products (products can be downloaded), it is appropriate to sell the software, ebook, …

#17. Codilight Lite |DEMO|DOWNLOAD|


Theme Codilight by FameThemes was released from long time ago but recently they launched a free version with a completely different structure over-simplified, but still very nice and professional.

#18. OnePress |DEMO|DOWNLOAD|




#19. Elegant Pink |DEMO|DOWNLOAD|

Elegant Pink

#20. EasyMag |DEMO|DOWNLOAD|


A free news theme quite nice that is completely free, you can install just like the demo.

#21. PhotoBook |DEMO|DOWNLOAD|


#22. MH TechMagazine |DEMO|DOWNLOAD|

MH TechMagazine

This is the child theme, so you have to install the theme MH Magazine Lite first.

So you’ve just finished watching the 22 Best Free WordPress Theme July 2016 that you can use right now. Hopefully with this list of themes you will find a free theme you like because I think that all are very nice themes and professional. Hope next month also have beautiful themes like this.

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