Find And Fix broken links in WordPress


Find And Fix broken links
find and fix broken links
When a site works, will certainly appear the broken link. This is the “death” links and contains the error code 404. When users visit these links will receive a response is not found and this will reduce the user experience, also for SEO, this is a factor to reduce your rankings. In this article, I will introduce and guide you to use the Broken Link Checker plugin to find and fix your 404 error page.

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Remove 404 error with Broken Link Checker

You download the plugin here, install and activate it, then go to Tools > Broken Links to check it out.
find and fix broken links
⚠⚠⚠ Note: The plugin will not be compatible with Godaddy’s WordPress Hosting.

After checking, you start to fix the link. The plugin has provided you with a number of options, and you choose a suitable method.

Also, Broken Link Checker gives you some other settings, it’s located in Settings > Link Checker, you have the customization here but it’s well configured already. If you are not professional then I advise you to leave.

find and fix broken links

And after the scan and fix are complete, you should deactivate the plugin, when need to re-activate, usually from 1-2 months of scanning, because of the cost of resources.

404 error is an error that cannot be avoided in the process of developing the site, this error is simple but affecting the user experience and your web page rankings. So, search and edit it as a regular job, you should learn this habit gradually. OK, it is very simple, right? I hope you can fix broken links in your website after reading this post.

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