Using PHP 7 To Help Improve The Speed For WordPress


Using PHP 7 to help improve the speed for WordPress

Using PHP 7 to help improve the speed for WordPress

As you know, WordPress is an open source operates based on PHP platform. Therefore, the parameters and features of PHP version you are using greatly affected the performance of the WordPress website. Typically, the newer version of PHP, the better performance of the processor, so the load speed and load-bearing of website is also higher. The latest version of PHP at this moment is 7.0 with superior performance compared to its predecessor version PHP 5.6 is a lot.

Using PHP 7 to help improve the speed for WordPress

Thus, there is no reason to wait anymore, just switch to PHP 7 version and enjoy fully features of it. Hippo Review has also switched from PHP 5.6 to PHP 7 and feel extremely satisfied.

To use PHP 7, your host must meet the following requirements:

  • Integrated PHP 7.
  • Have cPanel.
  • There is the option “Select PHP Version” in cPanel, which allows you to switch between PHP versions.
1. First, you log into cPanel, find the item Software and click on the “Select PHP Version”

Select PHP Version

2. In the “PHP Version”, you select the 7.0 then click on the button “Set as current”. Next, set the modules as shown below:

Click on image below to see full width

Note: These settings ensure the stable operation of WordPress source code, has not been tested on other source code.

Once finished, click the Save button

3. Click on the “Swith To PHP Options” in the upper right corner to switch the interface that help set the basic parameters of PHP.

Click on image below to see full width

Here, you can change PHP parameters according to your needs. Some common parameters to be modified include: max_execution_time (maximum execution time), memory_limit (limited RAM), post_max_size (maximum upload size) and upload_max_filesize (the maximum size of files to be uploaded). You should choose the Max level parameters that the host allow for the best performance.

Click on the Save button to save.

Using PHP 7 to help improve the speed for WordPress

Done! Now go to your website and enjoy the result. How do you rate the performance of PHP 7? Do not forget to share your opinions and your thoughts with us.

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