Why Should You Need A Dedicated IP For Your Host?


Do You Need A Dedicated IP?

Need A Dedicated IP

IP address (Internet Protocol) is a unique address which electronic devices use to identify and communicate with each other on a computer network via internet. Similarly, the host package is also associated with the IP address, to help them can be connected with the user’s equipment (through the intermediate object is the domain). Based on IP, we can divide into 2 types of hosting services: use Public IP (or Shared IP) and Private IP (Dedicated IP).

Hosting services use the public IP (shared IP) usually have cheaper prices rather than hosting service uses a private IP (dedicated IP) because they do not incur the cost of IP. When using public IP host, you have to point the domain to host through NS (Nameservers) instead of pointing through the IP as the host have a private IP.

So should you need to invest more money to own yourself a host package have a private IP? When having private IP, your WordPress blog/website will receive more benefits? The answer will be here soon.

1. Avoid the spam problem

spam activity

When using host has shared IP, meaning that your blog/website must use the same IP address with a lot of other blog/website located in the same server. No one guarantee that one of them does not do spamming activities make shared IP to the blacklist, and you also know the result: the default outgoing email will be added to the “Spam”. All the blog/website on that host server will be affected, if you are running the email marketing campaigns from your blog/website then it really is a disaster. Not only your customers do not receive email (because of spam filters) but also the company’s reputation was seriously decreased.

2. Support SEO Better

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Host use Private IP has the special advantage in doing SEO. If you build a private blog network (PBN) to do SEO for the web, and every one of them owns a private IP, belonging to the different IP range, then the possibility of being detected and penalized is very low. You’ll also minimize the possibility that the system will die. That’s why you need a dedicated IP.

3. Install SSL Easier

ssl certificate

While many types of SSL was now allows installation on host use shared IP, however, still some others require you to have a private IP. Therefore, use the host with a private IP will help you avoid many nuisance and install SSL more easily.

4. Support Caching Plugin

caching plugin

Some caching plugin require your host to have a private IP. This plugin will cache the entire data of the blog/website on a IP to RAM, to help speed up the load of server. In the case of host use public IP, data from the other blog/website will also be cached up your host RAM. This is really a disaster.

Do You Need A Dedicated IP?

In addition, there are many other benefits. So, if you have the financial conditions, try to sign up for your blog/website hosting service have a private IP.

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