How To Move Your Blog From To


How To Move Your Blog From To

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Are you running a blog/website on and feel it’s too restrictive? Want to install third-party themes and plugins to extend functionality and customize the interface for blogs/websites but not allowed? This is the time to move your blog/website to the platform to be free to do what you want. Because the two platforms are almost identical, conversion is easy. Soon, I will guide you the detailed steps to do that.

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Steps to move from to

↪️ 1. Sign in to the blog/website on, go to Tools => Export.
↪️ 2. Select All content and then click the Download Export File button.
Move Your Blog From To
A .xml file will be downloaded to your computer. Keep it careful to use in the next step.
➡️  3. Install a blog/website based on the source code. If you do not know how to install it, please contact me.
➡️  4. Sign in to the blog/website using the source code you have installed. Access Tools => Import.
Move Your Blog From To
Click the Install Now button corresponding to the WordPress entry.
➡️  5. After the installation is complete, click the Run Importer button.
➡️  6. Select the .xml file that you saved in step 2 and then click the Upload file and import button.
Move Your Blog From To
➡️  7. Select the user name in the or assign the post to an existing user section and then click on Download and import file attachments.
➡️  8. Go to Settings => Permalinks and check that the path structure has been selected as Day and name. This is the default path structure of so you have to choose so that the ranking will not be affected, as well as the 404 error when switching to
move wordpress
➡️  9. Check the data again to make sure you have successfully migrated all posts, pages, and images from to It’s simple, right? Good luck!

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