How To Hide A Post Or A Page In WordPress


How To Hide A Post Or A Page In WordPress

Hide A Post

Hide A Post In WordPress – Introduction

Purpose when creating a blog or website. It is our desire to share some knowledge with others. Of course, you will be happy if there are many people who like and see what you share. But sometimes the post (article) or a page (page) certain that you just want to hold your own. It’s just a confidential document, and you do not want anyone to see it. Then how do you do this? If you do not know how, then through this article, I will say briefly some ways to hide the article or a certain page on your website or blog.

There are several ways you can do this. In this article, I would like to introduce you three ways.
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Create a password in the edit box

The simplest way you can hide that article is not to be seen by anyone. The key is to use the password for the article or page.

Hide A Post

In the article editor on WordPress. You look to the right of the Publish section to see the Visibility section. Select Password protected (click Edit to show) and enter the password you want to set. After you post, people who want to view your post, require a password to view it.

This is the easiest way to do it. Simple, easy to do and no need to use another tool from the outside. Avoid unwanted errors that may occur.

Note: This is how to hide a post or a page on your blog. Prevent others from seeing it. However, if you have already published, the search engines can still index your articles.

Use the plugin

If your WordPress website is using Yoast SEO plugin. You can use it to do this. Speaking of exploits is a bit too, but here is the plugin supports a lot of different features. And of those features, there is a feature that can help you hide a post or a certain page.

Hide A Post

In the article editor. You drag down the Yoast SEO plugin. Select the gear section as shown above.

In the Meta robots index: you select noindex
Meta robots follow: you choose nofollow

Note: This is how to hide posts from search engines. Prevent the bot from indexing this article. If someone can find the link to the post, they will still be able to access and view the post.

Use robots.txt file

In this way, you need to tamper with the content of the robots.txt file on your website. Therefore, if you do not want a mistake that can happen. You should use the plugin as above for fast. If you know about it then use this way no problem.

Open the robots.txt file on your website. Add the command line with the pattern as below.

Disallow: /The path of the article or page you want to block/

For example, you now want to hide an article with a path like this

If you want to block the search bot index this article. You just add the command line as above. As follows:

Disallow: /wordpress/hide-this-post.html
After adding the command line. Do not forget to save it.

A little note when using this way. We know that robots.txt files will be publicly visible to everyone. If you use this method, you need to associate it with the password. To avoid direct access to links to posts that you have blocked.

Hide A Post In WordPress – Conclusion

Here are three ways to hide the article or a certain page on the WordPress that I know. Depending on your purpose and needs you can choose the most suitable way. Or sometimes you need to combine 2 or 3 ways together. That is what I want to say in this article. If you are experiencing this situation, look at the article the unknown everything. Do not be afraid, use the comment section below to let us know your opinion. Thank you for following the article.

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