How To Disable Blog Related Options In WordPress


Look at the title surely many of you will wonder why disable blog related options in WordPress? WordPress which of course isn’t born is to post the content of the article? Disable and then it still works? The truth is not so. Today, in addition to function mainly as a blog, magazine, WordPress can also be used to build web pages to introduce services, community social networks, forums, membership systems … and many other purposes.

In many cases, features such as posting articles, comments, RSS feeds and other related stuff not even look at. At such times, the best, you should disable them to save resources as well as make the WordPress Dashboard becomes more succinct.

About The Plugin Disable Blogging

Disable Blog Related Options
There is a plugin has launched not long ago, that allows you to disable blog related options in WordPress simply and quickly. Plugin which I want to mention is the Disable Blogging.

Disable Blogging‘s a plugin disables blog related options on WordPress on the front-end and the back-end. This makes WordPress platform cleaner and simpler to be used for static sites.

Remove the sidebar & toolbar menu items
In admin dashboard – Comments, Posts, and the other blog related menu items are removed from the sidebar and toolbar and redirected to the Pages menu.

Disable all the posting & commenting functions
Comments are disallowed and disabled on all pages and all blog related widgets are removed.

Remove all the feed links from the header
This includes trackbacks, pingbacks, XML-RPC, Windows Live Writer.

Simplify user profile page
Hide all unused fields (such as “Biographical Info”) and all options (such as “Admin Color Scheme”) in the Profile page to reduce clutter.

Other additional features included

  • Disable the “Press This” function
  • Disable posting via email
  • Removes “Howdy,” from toolbar
  • Removes “Help” tabs in upper right in the admin dashboard
  • Removes the query strings (ver=) from static resources

This plugin doesn’t delete any data on WordPress. It just simply hides and disables all those features that are blog related. If you have any existing, comments, posts, categories and tags on your own website; they must be manually deleted if you don’t want to keep any of that info.

How To Disable Blog Related Options In WordPress

All what you need to do is install and activate the plugin Disable Blogging.
Disable Blogging in WordPress

Before you activate the plugin: admin sidebar and toolbar

Disable Blogging in WordPress

After you activate the plugin: admin sidebar and toolbar

Disable Blogging in WordPress

It’s simple but extremely useful, right? I wish you success! For any questions and suggestions please post a comment in the box below for support and answers. Thank you.

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