Top Free Website Speed Test Tools


Free Website Speed Test Tools

Finding the website to check the real speed of your website is not hard because just type a few words is full on the internet. However the problem is that there are many tools that can bring data not fully and accurately, or maybe you misunderstood about the uses of it, leading to wrong in the evaluation the speed of website.

Normally I do not use a single service to check the website, which will alternate uses many different tools, because each will have different analysis features to support your website for the standard configuration. If you are still looking for website speed test tool then here is list of the best website for you to use.

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#1. Free Website Speed Test Tools – LoadImpact

Free Website Speed Test Tools

One of the website speed test tool that I liked for that is LoadImpact. I liked it because it supports check the speed on many different countries, is very beneficial if you are using host international.

It not only sends queries and record load time, but it sends a few dozen virtual visits to your website at the same time so you can check the accuracy of speed have been limited or not.

It’s also very detailed statistics about the traffic bandwidth allowed to submit (such as 1 MB/s) so you can evaluate the true bandwidth that is how much provider allows.

#2. Free Website Speed Test Tools – Google Pagespeed Insight

Free Website Speed Test Tools

This tool is probably familiar to you now but I repeat that it is not used to measure the speed of the website. I still see a lot of you confused optimal number of PageSpeed Insight and actual speed of the website. If you have free time, just optimized the website according to the suggestion of Google, but if there is no time then don’t be pressed because I think that it is not very important.

#3. Free Website Speed Test Tools – DotCom Monitor

Free Website Speed Test Tools

The tool allows you to test the speed of your website is very simple, just fill in the name of the website, the results are returned from different geographical regions in the world, to help you know the real speed when the load from the geographical location above.
If any of the parts load more slowly than normal, red color will be informed immediately for you attention!

#4. Free Website Speed Test Tools – GTMetrix

Free Website Speed Test Tools

If I need to check the longest load file on your website to optimize it, the tool you need to use is GTMetrix. It is a tool to assess the optimization of websites, which are accompanied by statistical average speed of your website, currently it only supports 2 nation is the United States and Canada.

#5. Free Website Speed Test Tools – PingDoom Tool

Free Website Speed Test Tools

Pingdom also like GTMetrix function, which is to test the speed of the website from US and Netherlands, and detailed statistical optimization capabilities of each component in the website, as the heaviest files, most time consuming file to download, so you can optimize.

#6. Free Website Speed Test Tools – WebPageTest

Free Website Speed Test Tools

Sometimes I will need to check the website speed on many different countries, the version without cache and included cache, then i will use WebPageTest tool.

Its function is the same as Pingdom but will support more countries, and it will automatically check the website corresponding to 2 times no cached version and already have cached so that you know how your web load with cache.

The above tools (except Google Pagespeed Insight) I use quite often and are used in parallel with each other rather than just using a single tool.

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