Compress Content To Optimize Website Via cPanel


Compress Content To Optimize Website Via cPanel

Compress Content To Optimize Website

Data compression is one of the simple methods but extremely effective help to improve load speed for your website. Data on file will be compressed to small size by web server to optimize while maintaining the same quality, before being sent to the user’s web browser. The smaller size helps the transfer becomes faster and therefore display speed of website will also be significantly improved. A website has faster load speed brings not only good experience for users, but also be a priority on search result ranking. Therefore, the website data compression is extremely important and necessary.

Fortunately, the hosting using cPanel (run on the webserver Apache) are equipped with available feature that allow you to do this in a simple and fast way. However, usually, they are placed in a status of “Disabled” to avoid causing broken interface in some website.

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1. To activate the data compression feature, you first need to access cPanel, find the Software section and click on Optimize Website.

Compress Content To Optimize Website

2. In the Optimize Website’s interface, you’ll see 3 options are as follows:

Compress Content To Optimize Website

Disabled: disables data compression feature.
Compress All Content: compress entire data.
Compress the specified MIME types: MIME types compression. If selected, you can fill out the MIME Types textbox below with the content as follows:

text/html application/x-javascript text/css application/javascript text/javascript application/json application/ application/x-font-opentype application/x-font-woff2 application/x-font-truetype application/x-font-ttf application/xml font/eot font/opentype font/woff2 font/otf image/svg+xml image/ text/plain text/xml

You can select the item 2 or item 3, depending on the needs and preferences. In my opinion, both options are not different.

3. Finally, click on Update Settings button to save the settings. Done, very simple, right? I wish you success!

Compress Content To Optimize Website Via cPanel

Have you enabled the feature Optimize Website on your hosting? How would you rate the data compression feature? It is truly effective or not? Please share with us your thoughts by using the comment box below.

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