How to Choose the Best WordPress Hosting?


How to Choose Best WordPress Hosting?

Choose Best WordPress Hosting

Long ago, there was a problem always arises when using WordPress is how to find the best hosting to use WordPress. Basically the WordPress can all run on the hosting support PHP and MySQL (the best is PHP and MySQL 5 or higher). However two basic requirements that are incomplete when there are many people who use hosting also supports PHP and MySQL, but encountered many difficulties when using WordPress, the common error is you can not install some important plugins, upload images and some nasty bugs.

That is why before you use WordPress then should consider carefully in choosing hosting, especially the long-term development projects. If you have no experience in choosing hosting then don’t worry, I will help you to understand which is the best hosting should choose to use WordPress in this article.

How to Choose Best WordPress Hosting?

Disk space and bandwidth have to be “comfortable”

Not necessarily you must use hosting supporting unlimited bandwidth and unlimited storage (Unlimited – but not sure it has “unlimited” actually) but the best is that you should use hosting packages with a capacity from 5GB or more, bandwidth from 50GB or more. Why?

Our habit is often upload photos directly to the host when writing articles, this has another advantage is fast, compact, do not happen the status link photo being die, and it is important increase page load speed when articles contain images not being dependent on external connections. But there is a weakness quite annoying in WordPress is it automatically produces a number of other image files with the same photo but different size.

Quality customer support

Not everyone knows the technical issues related to hosting, when using a hosting will encounter a number of problems from simple to serious as the website is down, database errors, loss of data, being attacked. There is no way at this moment than it to contact the technical support Department of the provider to report the error and they will check and fix it for you, and maybe just a few minutes later, your website operates smoothly again. Also if you find a provider with low support quality, then you will be very angry when the website is not accessible all day, contact but no one answers. Because if this error occurs, no one can help you but your hosting provider, you only can fix it if you use Dedicated Server or VPS.

Quality of the server Uptime


Uptime issues are always very important, imagine your guests want to visit but not be accessible, you will loss a lot of traffic, visitors and profit. Few days down 10 minutes may also be acceptable (quality providers rarely see downtime happens, or they will advance notice to you, and the time never takes more than 60 minutes).

Choose datacenter close to your visitors

The closest data center for the best loading times, so you have to consider the location of targeted visitors, fast speed load is good for user experience, helps improve your website ranking.

How to Choose Best WordPress Hosting?

Above are some of the factors that I think will help you choose best wordpress hosting match needs. What hosting provider you are using for wordpress website. Please share with us by writing a comment below.

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