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Blisk Browser – Introduction

Blisk Browser

In the Responsive website design, checking interface on different devices is always needed to ensure our website can display well in all devices. Of course, few people used each real device to test the interface of the website because not everyone has enough equipment, which will use the support tools on the browser as Viewport Resizer,, or even manual testing by scaling the browser.

However with the supporting tools listed above are not comparable with the quality of the website when when it’s displayed on the real devices. And it takes a lot of time and if you install the mobile emulator software.

I have just known a new browser, which supports for the purpose of testing and debugging websites on mobile devices, it is Blisk browser.

Blisk Browser

What is Blisk Browser?

This is a browser (developed from the Chromium source code) is designed exclusively for the Web Designer to debug the interface in many different devices such as smart phones, tablets and desktop.

But it does not similar to the normal testing technique is to adjust the screen, but it will completely simulate the displaying on mobile, you can interact directly onto the phone interface and the most importantly is using Inspect Element separately to debug, support live reload.

Debug with Inspect Element

One difference between Blisk Browser and other testing applications that allow us to separate debug emulator interface with separate Inspect Element. Which means when you right-click the mouse to select Inspect Element in the phone, you will separate debug interface on the phone, and similarly in the desktop interface.

Auto Refresh

Blisk Browser

Talk about live reload then we have a lot of options like Live Reload, Grunt, Gulp to do but if the browser available why not take advantage of that to save time?

You can choose which folders to watch and then each change of code in any files of that folder, the Blisk browser will automatically load the page again.

Scroll Sync

This feature will automatically turn on in Blisk browser, meaning that the website allows us to slide simultaneously in both devices. Such as you drag and scroll the page to the phone, both devices will feature scrolling. You can turn this feature off if found inconvenient.

Upcoming features


This feature will allow users to take a picture of their website right on the browser.


A feature worth to be expected in the Blisk, the feature helps us statistics back Javascript error on the website, tracking speed to optimize the website, check the compatibility in every other browser and track resources can not load (CSS, images, fonts, …).


In addition to monitoring the web then the Blisk is also eager to support partly to improved speed work for each project, so Integrations is feature allows users to track bugs and manage the progress of each project as a system of project management.


As I mentioned at the beginning, this is the browser for web designer or front-end designer so its features just like that, and I thought it is enough for the needs of these two objects. In the future, what improvements Blisk will have then we must track to know.

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