Using Jetpack To Speed Up Image Load Time


Using Jetpack To Speed Up Image Load Time

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Loading speed is an extremely important issue for a website. If your website load faster, the better user experience and it will be given priority on the ranking of search results. That is why I always find the way to optimize my website so that it reaches loading speed as quickly as possible. One of the components takes up most page-sizes is the image. Therefore, if you want to improve loading speed of site, first of all, you need to optimize the loading speed of the image.

There are many ways to optimize the image, you can reduce the quality and reduce the size, … However, the most effective method is still used CDN. CDN not only help your images load faster but also saves bandwidth considerably. If you are using the Jetpack plugin, you can active “Photon” module to do it. Photon is a CDN for images, built and developed by Your image will be cached and load through the Photon CDN system. Thanks to that, website will load faster.

Using Jetpack To Speed Up Image Load Time

To start using, first, you need to visit the JetpackSettings, and activate the module “Photon”.

Using Jetpack To Speed Up Image Load Time

The next step … you don’t need to do anything! Yes, that’s all you need to do and Jetpack will take care of the rest. It’s great, right? Now the last step is enjoying the result. Good luck! ?

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