Using Jetpack To Create Share Button And Related Posts


Using Jetpack To Create Share Button And Related Posts

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If you are a regular reader of Hippo Review then you must have seen share buttons of social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google +, …) and the related posts at the bottom of each post. The effects of them, no need to say more. The share buttons help readers can share posts that they love to social network easily. As for the related posts help increase page views and reduce bounce rate.

Today, I will show you how to create share button and related posts for WordPress using Jetpack plugin. If you are interested, please take a few minutes to learn together.

To do this, first of all, you need to go to Jetpack → Settings and active 2 modules: Sharing and Related Posts.

Create Share Button And Related Posts

The next step is to configure.

Using Jetpack To Create Share Button And Related Posts

1. Sharing module: Access to Settings → Sharing. Here, you will find:

Create Share Button And Related Posts

➡️ Available Services: all the sharing services that Jetpack support. Drag and drop them into the Enabled Services to activate and use. You can create more new services using the button “Add a new service” and follow the instructions.

➡️ Enabled Services: display the sharing service has been activated. You can hide unnecessary services on frame “Services dragged here will be hidden behind a share button.” And they will be replaced with the “More”.

➡️ Live Preview: preview the way that share buttons will display.

➡️ Button Style: select style for the share buttons.

➡️ Sharing label: change the text “Share this:” to any text you like.

➡️ Show buttons on: select the place where the share buttons will display.

➡️ Twitter Site Tag: your Twitter username (example: hipporeview).

➡️ Disable CSS and JS: disable CSS and JS of the Sharing module. You better should not check this item.

After completed, click on “Save Shanges” to save.

2. With module Related Posts: access to Settings → Reading. Here, you will see the “Related posts” at the bottom.

Create Share Button And Related Posts

➡️ Check on the item “Show a “Related” header to more clearly separate the related section from posts” if you want to show the word “Related”

➡️ Check on the item “Use a large and visually striking layout” If you want to show thumbnails (miniatures) in related articles.

Click on “Save Shanges” to save your settings.

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