Using Jetpack To Against Brute Force Attacks


Using Jetpack To Against Brute Force Attacks

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The term Brute Force or Brute Force Attack have gradually become familiar if you use WordPress because of the way this attack has always targeted the open source code. So exactly what is this attack method? The harmful effects of it? And how to prevent Brute Force Attack? I will answer your questions as briefly as possible.

What is Brute Force Attack?

Brute Force attack is the type of attack used for all types of encryption. Brute force operations by trying all possible password string to find the password. So it takes a long time, depending on the length of the password, but the ability to find out is 100% if the time is not limited. Brute force is used only when other methods are not effective.

If you are using the Jetpack plugin, it is available a module helps you to protect your website against Brute Force attacks. The feature assists website against Brute Force Attack first appeared on the Jetpack 3.4 through a module with the name “Protect”, you can find it in the Seting page of the Jetpack.

Using Jetpack To Against Brute Force Attacks

You access Jetpack ⟹ Settings, and activate the module “Protect”.

Using Jetpack To Against Brute Force Attacks

Next, click on the button “Configure” to access the Setting page for this feature.

Using Jetpack To Against Brute Force Attacks

This module will help protect your WordPress login page from brute force attacks and allows for scanning the malicious code on your web page in the Jetpack. It also allows you to manage a “white list” the IP address so they never blocked by Jetpack.

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