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Using Jetpack To Add Extra Shortcodes

Using Jetpack To Add Extra Shortcodes

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WordPress shortcode is a special code that ⟹ do things quickly and conveniently, with less time and effort. Shortcodes can help you embed files or create objects, which would normally require lots of complicated code, in just one line. In other words, shortcode is a shortcut.

There are many plugins that can help you add the shortcodes to the WordPress. However, if you are using the Jetpack plugin, you can fully take advantage of its modules to insert the object as well as multimedia files from YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr, Facebook, … to the article. Jetpack supports these shortcodes:


[ vine ] ⟹ Vine video.
[ youtube ] ⟹ YouTube video.
[ blip.tv ] ⟹ Blip.tv video.
[ vimeo ] ⟹ Vimeo video.
[ flickr ] ⟹ Flickr video.
[ ted ] ⟹ TED talk.
[ twitchtv ] ⟹ Twitch.tv video.
[ dailymotion ] ⟹ Dailymotion video.


[ mixcloud ] ⟹ audio from Mixcloud.
[ bandcamp ] ⟹ audio from Bandcamp.
[ soundcloud ] ⟹ audio from SoundCloud.
[ audio ] ⟹ an audio player.

Images and Documents

[ presentation ] ⟹ display a slide presentation
[ slideshare ] ⟹ slideshow from Slideshare.net.
[ scribd ] ⟹ document/file from Scribd.
[ gallery type=”slideshow” ] ⟹ create a slideshow
[ instagram ] ⟹  Instagram photo.

Module-Dependent Shortcode

[ jetpack_subscription_form ] ⟹ subscription form. Must active the Subscription Module.
[ jetpack_top_posts_widget ] ⟹ Top Posts & Pages Widget, must active the Extra Sidebar Widgets Module.


[ houzz ] ⟹ designs from Houzz.
[ archives ] ⟹ an archive index of your blog posts.
[ carto ] ⟹ Carto maps.
[ codepen ] ⟹ code snippets from CodePen.
[ facebook ] ⟹ Facebook posts.
[ polldaddy ] ⟹ PollDaddy poll.
[ wufoo ] ⟹ Wufoo forms.
[ googlemaps ] ⟹ Google Maps.
[ twitter-timeline ] ⟹ Twitter Timeline Widget.
[ medium ] ⟹ Medium posts.
[ untappd-menu ] ⟹ beer menus from the location of your choice.
[ recipe ] ⟹ recipe with consistent formatting, basic metadata, and an option to print.
[ gist ] ⟹ code snippets from Gist.

Using Jetpack To Add Extra Shortcodes

To start using, first, you need to visit the Jetpack ⟹ Settings, and activate the module “Shortcode Embeds”.

Add Extra Shortcodes

From now on, when editing posts or pages, you can use the shortcode listed above to insert the object.

Add Extra Shortcodes

Done! Good luck ?

Using Jetpack To Add Extra Shortcodes

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