Some Useful Extra Sidebar Widgets Of Jetpack


Some Useful Extra Sidebar Widgets Of Jetpack

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The default widgets of WordPress often don’t meet our needs. And there are many ways to install more plugins to improve your website. However, if you install too many plugins, your website becomes slow down. This is not good for SEO and user experience. If you are using the Jetpack, you’re lucky. With Jetpack, without installing more plugins, you can add a few useful widgets by using module “Extra Sidebar Widgets”.

To begin using, first, you need to access the Jetpack Settings and enable the module “Extra Sidebar Widgets”.

Next, go to the AppearanceWidgets and choose the widgets that you want to insert on the sidebar. Extra Sidebar Widgets of Jetpack supports many different widget types, including:

✔️ Twitter Timeline Widget
✔️ Image Widget
✔️ Readmill Widget (deprecated)
✔️ Gallery Widget
✔️ Facebook Like Box Widget
✔️ Goodreads Widget
✔️ Top Posts & Pages Widget
✔️ Google+ Badge Widget
✔️ Contact Info Widget
✔️ Social Media Icons
✔️ Gravatar Profile Widget
✔️ RSS Links
✔️ Display WordPress Posts Widget

Useful Extra Sidebar Widgets Of Jetpack

Example if you insert the module “Facebook Like Box Widget”

Useful Extra Sidebar Widgets Of Jetpack

And this is the result:

Useful Extra Sidebar Widgets Of Jetpack

Done! Very simple. Good luck.

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