Tawk.to – 100% Free Live Chat Plugin For WordPress


Tawk.to – 100% free live chat plugin for WordPress – Installation Instructions

free live chat plugin for wordpress

If you are running an online business or store, the interaction with customers is extremely important, right? And in addition to hotline (phone), the live chat is one of the most popular methods to help you connect with customers quickly. They can help you support, answer questions for customers, while also delivering on the contract, orders …In summary, if you do online business, the live chat system integration for website is urgently needed.

Currently, the world has a lot of live chat service provider. However, the majority of which are paid service (if free, it is also very limited in functionality). So what is the most optimal solution in case your business is not much funding or you’re in the form of in individual business?

The answer is Tawk.to. Yes, Tawk.to is a 100% free live chat service and according to my review is the best available today. In this article, I will show you how to sign up, integrate it into your WordPress blog/website to a more efficient business.

Tawk.to – 100 % Free Live Chat Plugin For WordPress

1. First, you visit the home page of Tawk.to and fill out the form to register a new account.

free chat plugin for wordpress

2. Login to your email and click the link to verify your account.

3. After successfully verified, you will be automatically redirected to the admin page of Tawk.to. You will have to complete three steps to declare before you can declare user accounts.

Fill out the name and the URL of your blog/website you want to integrate live chat. Click on the Next button.

If you want to invite other people to join the Tawk.to account (such as your company has many employees support), please enter their email address then click on the Next button.

Copy the script that Tawk.to provided and inserted the tag body in your template. However, if you use the plugin as my guide, skip this step. Click Done to finish.

4. Install and activate the plugin Tawk.to Live Chat.

Access the Settings of Tawk.to. Here, please sign in with your account information you registered in step 1.

Select the site and the widget template. Typically, only a single widget template is the default. Click on Use selected widgets.

And the results you achieve will look like this.

To track and chat with a user, you access the administration page of Tawk.to here. List users that are online will be displayed in the Monitoring.

If someone chat with you, you will see the message in the Messaging.

Tawk.to – 100 % Free Live Chat Plugin For WordPress

How would you rate the Tawk.to? You are using a free or paid live chat services for your blog/website? Please share it with us through the comment box below.

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