Save Storage For WordPress Website


Save Storage For WordPress Website – Introduction

Save Storage For WordPress Website

When managing the website, the amount of the entire source code of your website contributed very important to the operation of this website for a long time in the future. For example, if the total storage of the website is low, then moving to other servers easier, or the backup data quickly and without difficulty. In contrast, the capacity is too high compared to the true capacity of your website will cause many difficulties, especially the backup will much more difficult.

However I do support has seen a lot of cases you do website without thinking of optimizing your source code storage. So in many cases website does not have much data but the total capacity is up to tens of gigabytes. In this article I will share a little about what to know and do for the website to save space while ensuring not affect the operation of the website.

Save Storage For WordPress Website – Optimize images before uploading

Wordpress media library

WordPress has a powerful image management and I suggest you upload your photos directly to the website host so we can reuse or manage them. On the one hand also helps our images be sure than uploading onto the other image hosting services.

However not any image we also upload onto website, that almost need optimized before upload. Assuming your photos have a resolution of up to 2k, 3k (maximum width) but in fact the users do not need that. Because if the width of the content on the website only 800px then your picture whether there are high quality but it also only show 800px only, and if you want to see the full width, you have to click on it, but this one just for the website need high quality images such as wallpaper, photography website. With the ecommerce website, the image also should only have a maximum width of 1000px because it is enough for customers to view products. In contrast if the photos are too big the website loads very slowly, and then to actually be losing customers rather than the small photos. You can install plugin EWWW Image Optimizer, WP-Smush or invest $5/month to use the Kraken to optimize the image when you upload on the website.

Save Storage For WordPress Website – Do not save a backup in the host

Wordpress Backup

Backup website data with the goal is to restore your website data when the data is corrupt or the current host has problems not accessible, which need to move website data to other host. So when we save a backup on the host is running the website is almost meaningless, it is also dangerous and you are wasting capacity of the host.

You should keep this backup file in places really safe as the cloud storage service like Dropbox, Google Drive or Amazon S3 (recommended) because your computer was not safe and stable than your host. Other great services that they have great prestige and almost impossible to interrupt.

You don’t think when backup we will download a backup on your computer and upload it back to the other services, will spend a lot of time. You can use the BackWPUp or BackupBuddy plugin to backup and send it direct to the other hosting services quickly.

Check the log for errors and should not log when not needed

In addition to the backup, the error log or access log files on the host that cause wasting of the host resources. For the error log, we do not need to save the log regularly because we do not always need to see the error log, but only when debug to find the bug or patch you will need to turn it on. If you do not want to save web server error log in the website, then simply add the following code to the wp-config.php


Besides is to make sure you have set WP_DEBUG in wp-config.php is false to disable debug mode. And please delete .log or error_log files on the host if possible.

For the access log, you can not turn it off if you use the Shared Host, if using a VPS Host, you can turn it off by deleting the line declare the access log file setting in webserver.

Check the folder wp-content

There are many plugins save the unnecessary data in the wp-content folder as the log file of the plugin or the temporary files. In the wp-content folder, except the directory cache and photos then we should not save anything here.

Do not save the video or compressed files

With the website have many videos then it’s best to upload to Youtube if no need to conceal the videos. Or if your video need to pay membership fees to view, the more you should not upload on host running WordPress, because the normal player can easily be downloaded through the software such as Internet Download Manager is a classic example, instead you can use Wistia or SproutVideo to prevent downloading.

Save Storage For WordPress Website – Optimize database

Database also uses the hard drive on the host to store, meaning that the database grows as you spend more storage capacity, and when the backup of the entire website, it will save in a backup capacity will be very large. I just saw a WordPress website using Woocommerce has a database up to 4 GB which most 3.7 GB of junk data and then, this is the truth.

Make sure you have optimized your wp_options database table in good standing to do not contain much data garbage, besides that you should also clean the database manually periodically for the data are smoothly. For as long as you, the database will grow and then again very difficult to optimize. Because the longer the database will grow and then very difficult to optimize.

Save Storage For WordPress Website – Conclusion

Through the above content then we have seen the website storage optimization is not so complicated as we thought, but its benefits are very big, because i am sure you can not store your website data on 1 host for a long time without moving to another place, the light data will help us do the job faster and more simple.

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