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Bizggro Review
Bizggro Review

Bizggro Review – Introduction

Any business should have a solid management platform if they want to succeed. Whether a social entrepreneur, startup or independent marketer is no exception.

That also explains why companies often have to spend a huge budget to maintain a complex internal control system. Today, I want to bring you a solution that surpasses those with a reasonable cost.

To know what that is, follow me through this Bizggro Review to gain a better understanding.

Bizggro Review – Overview

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VendorSalman Mahmood
Launch date2018-Apr-23
Front-End Price$29
Sale pageClick here to go the sale page
Refund30 Day Money Back Guarantee
RecommendHighly Recommend

Hippo Review

Bizggro Review – What Is Bizggro?

Introducing the all-in-one business management platform allowing you to monitor all aspects of your business. Bizggro is in high-demand at the moment, and all the small businesses, solopreneurs, and large corporations are going crazy about it.

You do not need to purchase any other apps such as Xero, Quickbooks or Zoho because Bizggro can replace all of them with a better cost. In particular, this software can scale up your Revenue Growth (150%), Productivity (250%), Customer Satisfaction (195%) and Costs Saving (535%).

With a bunch of outstanding features, Bizggro is expected to become a smash hit with countless orders. Let me give you a broader understanding of this product via this Bizggro Review.

About the Creator – BleuPage Team

The force that empowers this wonderful program is nobody else but the BleuPage Team. After years of researching and developing, the team is ready to release their finest product, Bizggro.

BleuPage Team works with a mission to develop a positive and professional relationship with the audience. From then, they can deliver a better toolkit based on trust and mutual respect.

Let’s follow me through this Bizggro Review to learn more about this product.

Bizggro Review – DEMO

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Bizggro Review – Features & Benefits


Manage all of your administration tasks in one place without missing any single notices. With only a single dashboard, you can create groups of members, share common tasks as well as set up new users and set up tasks for them.


? Manage complete HR from one screen.
? Leave management of the entire staff.
? Modify your employee workflow.
? Apply, approve & view company-wide employee leaves.
? Create and Manage HR categories, Leave types.
? Employees performance, leave & contract details all under one section.
? Detailed Leave reports (daily leave summary, monthly employee leave reports).
? Custom leave types (calendar holidays, annual holidays, and unpaid leaves, all under one roof.
? Easily manage complete staff holidays & leaves.
? View each staff member’s entitlement & avail leaves.
? Show or hide workgroups, documents, CRM contacts & more.
? Full resource requisition process.
? Compliance with Company Rules.
? Work with internal & external users altogether.
? Track complete history of leaves of each staff to plan projects.
? Applying and approval of company discipline & attendance record

Tasks Management

This is an extremely useful feature. You do not have to have a team of accounts or internal controls to monitor the progress of your business. Instead, you can use Tasks Management to efficiently store and track employees’ tasks.


? Assign tasks to your staff, colleagues, groups with deadlines.
? Monitor progress, activities performed.
? To-do list (merge your lists on a daily basis for your weekly schedule).
? Calculate time spent, overspent, delays or inefficiency.
? Tasks viewed by observers to identify existing delays.
? Prioritizing Multiple Tasks Quickly & Effectively.
? User Productivity Chart (top ranking employee performance allocation module).
? Record activities, time spent and progress.
? Observe employee tasks for their performance.
? Prepare a list of “things to do” and check once work is done.
? Analyse each monthly staff reports, analyze utilization of the staff.
? Easily identify staff underperformance & redundancy.
? Automated tasks pending reminders and warnings sent to assignees.
? Share Numerous Resources.
? Popular Communication Structure.
? All Employee Activity In One Place.
? Company efficiency improved by over 300%.
? Keep all your projects on track.
? Improve customer services, satisfaction many folds.
? Run & manage company at multiple locations.
? The Most favorite feature of bosses and owners
? Bizggro will display each staff performance regularly.
? All under or top performers will be informed by Bizggro
? Get rid of memory and reminder issues.
? No more HR meetings, notices, warnings, Bizggro does everything for you.
? Team leaders & bosses can assign tasks and monitor progress online


All the tools needed for the process of building business plans, profitable campaign execution or delivering reports are all packed in this tab. In one side, it provides you one solution for all of your needs, on the other hand, Bizggro greatly reduces your operating costs.


? Plan marketing campaigns
? Entitle each campaign on time and within budget.
? Give unique code to campaign
? Update Sales Orders & Opportunities.
? User Campaign Assignment.
? Implement marketing & advertising campaigns
? Set campaign targets, budgets & deadlines
? Assign campaign-related tasks to teams
? Select campaign teams, in charge of the campaigns.
? Halt, close and complete a campaign
? Create & manage campaign types.
? Managing a campaign was never so easy.
? Assign Multiple Campaign Groups
? Easy To Use Flexible Screen
? Custom Campaign types
? Identify Your Business Solutions
? Monitor & Manage Your Campaign Activities
? Keep complete campaign-related activities under one screen
? Monitor progress of each campaign
? Measure success & failures of campaigns
? Keep track of all historical campaigns
? Run multiple campaigns without losing control


This feature allows you to create and manage all events related to staff and partners to manage synchronously.


? Complete Event Management.
? Create and schedule an event and send multiple invitations.
? Event management added for employee farewells, work anniversaries, etc.
? Create & edit multiple invitations for your event.
? Save Official company memories with this amazing feature.
? Custom Event Types Set event types to suit company requirements).
? Custom Event Status Set the event status to suit company requirements).
? Efficiently Manage Multiple Events.
? Setup Company Meetings.
? Completely Customizable.
? Detailed Plan Discussions.
? Simple UI To Use.
? Improved Business Agility.
? Constant Employee Engagement

Other Features

? Complete Newsletter Management
? Follow up on all business acts made by direct or indirect sales
? Generate invoices according to given sales purchase and income tax orders etc.
? Upload and share multiple documents.
? Share documents according to company requirements.
? Improve your Project Efficiency.
? Multiple Projects And Folders Search


Bizggro Review
▶ Create your own private social media network just like your own (FB).
▶ Use your own brand name.
▶ Have all the power.
▶ Monetize anywhere you desire to.
▶ Members can share and interact just like/in (FB).

Bizggro Review

▶ Automate your Twitter marketing.
▶ Follows accounts relevant to your niche.
▶ Posts viral content related to your industry on your Twitter profile.
▶ Posts your WordPress posts to your Twitter account on 100% automation.
▶ Shares your affiliate products on Twitter on 100% automation.
▶ Cloaks affiliate links.
▶ Retweets viral tweets relevant to your niche in 100% automation.
▶ Unfollows accounts that don’t follow back.
▶ Sends automated replies to your new followers.

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