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How to Rename Images and Media Files in WordPress
rename media files

Have you ever wanted to rename your previously uploaded images so that it is easier to read, remember, or be more SEO friendly? If so, then you must have been confused when the whole image in the error message display after the name change. It’s not as simple as visiting a host or a WordPress gallery so you can rename the image. You will have to edit much more things to make it work properly. So what is the solution to this problem in the simplest way, especially when you want to rename a large number of images?

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Do not worry! WordPress always has a great plugin that can help you get things done quickly and easily. Yes, the plugin I’m referring to here is Media File Renamer

Rename Images and Media Files in WordPress With Media File Renamer

✏️  1. To start using, you first need to install and activate Media File Renamer plugin.
Rename Images and Media Files
✏️  2. Next, go to Settings => File Renamer and set it as shown below.
Rename Images and Media Files

With 2 items Rename Slug (change the path to the new name of the image) and Rename GUID (change the caption to the new name of the image), if you want to keep the information then leave the tick.
Some features require you to activate the Pro version (paid) can use. However, I think these features are not necessary.
Click the Save Changes button to save the settings.

[box type=”note” align=”” class=”” width=””]backup database and uploads directory before performing this operation to prevent possible unfortunate events.[/box]

✏️  3. Go to Media => File Renamer, you will see the following interface:
Rename Images and Media Files

Click the Scan All $ Show Issues button to have the plugin scan and display all images that are “having problems” on the name and need to be fixed.

✏️  4. Click the Rename … flagged media button to automatically rename the entire suggested image or the Auto-Rename / Edit Media button corresponding to each image you want to rename.
Rename Images and Media Files

Done! Simply that. Good luck!

Have you ever renamed an image in WordPress? What tools did you use to do that? Please share it with us in the comment box below.

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