Review And Guide Using StableHost Help Optimize For WordPress


Review And Guide StableHost 2017

StableHost is a provider of cheap quality bestsellers in the world today. For US users, StableHost is loved for its stability, high load capacity, and always have a lifetime coupon of 50 to 75%!

Review And Guide Using StableHost

In this post, I will provide some information during the installation and experience of StableHost version 2017 (Singapore). As well as guide you install, optimize WordPress on StableHost!

The Content

1. Introduce StableHost 2017
Use LiteSpeed Cache Webserver
Integrate SSL Let’s Encrypt in cPanel
Support for PHP 7 (currently 7.1)
Integrate CloudFlare into cPanel
Open Datacenter in Singapore
2. How to buy StableHost 75%
Step 1 – Select WEB HOSTING
Step 2 – Select the Shared Hosting package (VHW recommends the Pro package)
Step 3 – Enter the domain name
Step 4 – Select the registration period – location
Step 5 – Enter account information and discount coupon
Step 6 – CheckOut
Step 7 – Login and Manage Hosting
3. How to point your domain to StableHost
4. Add the Addons Domain to StableHost
5. Install Lets Encrypt SSL for Website on StableHost
6. Optimize cPanel StableHost
7. Install WordPress on StableHost in 5 minutes
8. Speed test of StableHost Singapore
9. Rating StableHost Singapore 2017

1. Introduce StableHost 2017 – Review And Guide StableHost

Compared with previous years, 2017 StableHost has upgraded many more worthwhile features:

Use LiteSpeed Cache Webserver

LiteSpeed Cache is a new WebServer technology, compared to the Apache Webserver, the processing speed of LiteSpeed Cache is many times faster. Many Hosting providers have switched to LiteSpeed Cache like HawkHost, AzDigi, and StableHost.

Enabling LiteSpeed Cache is very easy to do with plugins of the same name.

Integrate SSL Let’s Encrypt in cPanel

SSL Certificate is now a must-have for any website, there are many solutions to SSL installation, but Let’s Encrypt SSL is most commonly used because it is free, stable and sponsored by Giant corporations like Google, Mozilla …

Almost all high-quality Hosting services such as SiteGround, A2Hosting, HawkHost have integrated Let’s Encrypt SSL in cPanel, and StableHost is no exception.

You only need 1 minute to activate SSL for any site on StableHost, without spending hours as if installing Lets Encrypt SSL on VPS.

Better yet, the SSL Certificate Let’s Encrypt will renew itself for you forever!

Support for PHP 7 (currently 7.1)

The world has been waiting for more than 10 years to see a big upgrade for PHP, perhaps too tired so many people are no longer interested when PHP jump from version 5 to straight version 7 by the end of 2015. But: that may be wrong!

PHP 7 does not create the revolution but it is the most perfect PHP ever. The highlight of PHP 7 is the speed has been improved a lot times the old version, support many advanced acceleration technologies, and PHP 7 as well as light work, less errors and better security!

Just like your competitors, StableHost supports PHP 7, you only need 1 minute to upgrade from PHP 5 and select supportive technologies!

Integrate CloudFlare into cPanel

CloudFlare is the most popular middleware and CDN service today, providing free unlimited number of websites for everyone.

CloudFlare’s DNS has very fast response rates, many of the major websites are using. CloudFlare’s free CDN service is well suited to speed up access to Web sites from areas far from Datacenters.

In StableHost’s cPanel, we can easily enable CloudFlare for each website.

Open Datacenter in Singapore

This is probably the most popular upgrade VN users. HawkHost’s main rival, HawkHost, has had a long-standing datacenter in Singapore, pioneering more in Hong Kong, making access speed from Asia “dizzying”.

In the period 2015 – 2016, almost StableHost does not compete with HawkHost. Since launching the Singapore data center to compete with HawkHost, Asian users have been busy registering for StableHost – as never before!

2. How to buy StableHost – Review And Guide StableHost

Currently, StableHost is offering a discount for new customers when purchasing any of the Shared Hosting packages.

To register, go to the StableHost homepage, and follow these steps:

Step 1 – Select WEB HOSTING

Review And Guide StableHost

Step 2 – Select the Shared Hosting package (We recommends the Pro package)

Currently, StableHost offers 3 Packages Share Hosting:

Starter: only used 1 website, suitable for a small blog.
Pro: Use unlimited websites and unlimited parameters. This is the most valuable package.
Platinum: Great for large Website.
Review And Guide StableHost

Step 3 – Enter the domain name

You have 3 choices, buy a new domain name from StableHost or transfer domain names from another provider to StableHost. I recommend buying a domain name from a cheap domain vendor, then choose section 3 (use my existing domain):

Step 4 – Select the registration period – location

Coupon discount applies only when registering for 12 months or more. With a one-time discount coupon – consider buying as long as possible.

If the website visitors mainly from Asia, we should choose Location Singapore.

Review And Guide StableHost

Step 5 – Enter account information and discount coupon

At this step, you need to enter all required information to set up the account, you can find information about Zip (Postal) Code of the provinces in this article. Also note the answer to the security question, because when you need high-level support or change your account information, they will ask this question.

In the Payment section. You should choose Paypal to avoid auto withdrawals.

In the Coupon Code section, enter the coupon you want to use

After entering Coupon and clicking Validate, the price will decrease

Step 6 – CheckOut

Click the CheckOut button, you will be transferred to the payment page. Select Pay with Paypal to log in Paypal and complete the payment. Done!
Review And Guide StableHost

Step 7 – Login and Manage Hosting

Once payment is complete, you will receive an email from StableHost. But hosting packages still need to wait from 4 to 8 hours for them to initialize and activate (Active).

After Active, you login and go to Menu: Services -> My Services will see the list of available Hosting packages

Click the Hosting package you want to manage, the Manager page will appear, you can view the information, as well as login to cPanel

After this, all the management and login cPanel, we start from this page Manager!

3. How to point your domain to StableHost

Pointing domain cPanel Hosting is quite simple. With StableHost, we simply need to replace the default NameServers (NS Records) of the Domain service to the NameServers of StableHost, see below:

4. Add the Addons Domain to StableHost

You entered a domain into StableHost at Hosting, which will be the Primary Domain, and has been made available by StableHost to the Public_html directory, as well as make DNS Records available, just point StableHost domain is able to upload code or install WordPress.

But, except for the Starter package, other packages offer unlimited Websites, so you can add Websites to StableHost through the Addons Domain feature:

Click on the Addon Domains button above, and enter the domain you want to point to StableHost, which will create a folder containing new Websites. You can also create a separate FTP account for the website for this domain:

Once created, in the Addon Domains section, below will list the websites available on StableHost, you can edit the path, if you like (edit this information only when you know what you are doing, No, do not touch them)

5. Install Lets Encrypt SSL for Website on StableHost – Review And Guide StableHost

Note: If you are using CloudFlare CDN, turn it off (LetGuard Cloud) to let Let Encrypt authenticate the IP address of the Websites, after completing the SSL setting, re-enable it.

Install security certificates for SSL Let’s Encrypt domain name on StableHost very easy, in the Security area, click on Let’s Encrypt SSL as shown below:

In page Let’s Encrypt will list the primary domain and the domain addons, you simply click on the button next to each domain Issue to install and activate SSL. Note, must point to domain StableHost before doing this.

If successful, your domain has SSL as shown below:

Note, in WordPress, to let the SSL certificate to work correctly, you need to install plugins Really Simple SSL:

After activating it, go to Tools -> SSL, if it does notice as shown below, that is OK:

If your Websites have no content, here can stop.

If Websites are in content, use the SSL Insecure Content Fixer plugins to convert all existing links to https:

After enabling it, go to Settings -> SSL Inscure Content and click the Go ahead button to move the links to https:

Then go to Tools -> SSL Tests, if the result as the below, it was successful!

6. Optimize cPanel StableHost – Review And Guide StableHost

Most users of cPanel Hosting often forget to configure and optimize the parameters to speed up and secure Websites because they think that it has been configured properly.

That’s a mistake! You can significantly increase the power of Hosting right from cPanel!

Using PHP 7 To Help Improve The Speed For WordPress

7. Install WordPress on StableHost in 5 minutes – Review And Guide StableHost

Installing WordPress on cPanel Hosting is easy, you can do it manually for 5 minutes

However, we have much faster solution, is to use SoftAculous application on cPanel:

Click on WordPress as in the image above, the installation interface will appear:

A variety of information you need to enter as shown below:

After clicking Install, wait a moment the installation will be successful:
An email will send you all the account information of WordPress. After each update or change, SoftAculous will send you an email!

Done. Start logging in and administer WordPress!

8. Speed test of StableHost – Review And Guide StableHost

There are many tools to test the speed of Websites: GTMetrix, Google PageSpeed Insights, Google Mobile Testing Tool. I will use the most reputable name Pingdom Tools.

9. Rating StableHost Singapore 2017 – Review And Guide StableHost

The installation of Hipporeview on cPanel StableHost is smooth, error-free or long load like some other cheap hosting services.

Meanwhile, the load speed of WordPress in StableHost Singapore is very smooth, if access from the US for speed from 2s – 4s, access from Asia, will be much faster than that!

StableHost has made a really impressive return in 2017!

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