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Google Chrome Non-HTTPS Warnings Beginning 2017

Google Chrome Non-HTTPS Warnings

Google Chrome Non-HTTPS Warnings

Recently, Google announced that Chrome browser will start warning the website does not use the HTTPS protocol since January 2017. First, the warning “not safe” will appear on the page allows the user to enter a password and submit credit card information but still using traditional HTTP protocol. Then, this warning will be expanded to the “anonymous” mode of the browser and the last is the entire web page. With this move, seems Google are looking to replace completely the HTTP with HTTPS protocol to create a safer internet environment.

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Google Chrome Non-HTTPS Warnings

Since Google Chrome version 56 (maybe release in January 2017), the user will receive a warning that looks like the images below when accessing the web page does not use the HTTPS protocol

Google Chrome Non-HTTPS Warnings

Google Chrome Non-HTTPS Warnings

The move comes after Google join a global alliance to create Let’s Encrypt – a standard SSL completely free, provides the opportunity to use SSL for all users. A lot of hosting providers have integrated into the Let’s Encrypt in their cPanel. If you are using a hosting with this available feature, please enable it and quickly move on to use the HTTPS protocol. Because, Google Chrome occupies about 70% of the browser market in the world and being “non-secure alerts” will definitely cause no small damage for prestige as well as SEO of your website.

Google Chrome Non-HTTPS Warnings

If your hosting SSL not available for free, you can buy it at the price of only about $9 at Namecheap. Currently, the Hippo Review has also installed SSL, and I am quite satisfied because the site still works quite smoothly. I encourage you should switch to use the HTTPS protocol before Google Chrome conduct warning websites using the HTTP protocol.

Google Chrome Non-HTTPS Warnings

How about you? What do you think about Google Chrome alerts? Your website are using the HTTPS protocol or not? Please share with us your opinions and comments in the comment box below.

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